I’m Nikola Stojaković, a software developer from Novi Sad, Serbia. I was around 6 when father bought a PC for me and my step sister. As soon as I took a mouse in my hand and saw cursor moving on the screen I became fascinated with computers. I discovered programming when I was 12 with C++ and I instantly realized what I would like to do when I grow up.

When I was 16 I met Antonio, a guy from my secondary school. Along with him I started working on some interesting projects and earned my first money by writing code. I also attended few hackathons:

  • Hacking Politics Hackathon in Belgrade (2016)
  • Coder Dojo Hackathon in Pančevo (2017)
  • OrganiCity Hackathon in Novi Sad (2018)
  • Metropolitan University Hackathon in Niš (2018)

These days I mostly write TypeScript and use Node.js, React, Svelte but I also do a bit of Java and Spring. In my spare time I enjoy dabbling in C++ and Rust and exchanging ideas on how to become a better software developer with colleagues. I also love to read, mostly about psychology, philosophy, computer science and politics.

Currently I work at Inviggo.